sfz format editor

sfZed is an Windows editor for the sfz format used by certain VST instruments. The editor works with audio samples to map them to the keyboard, and shape them to create the sound you want. It uses the sfz sample player vsti plugin to audition the results, the synth technology which the sfz format was based on with full polyphony. It will also convert Soundfont sf2 to sfz, giving you the opportunity to change and fix the way it plays back. The sfz format contains over 200 settings like velocity sensitivity, loops, reverb, EQ and controller settings to create the sound you want for your music. sfZed works with a midi keyboard to allow you to play and set values, including mapping drum samples.

Download sfZed

If you have a copy of the free RGC Audio sfz VST you will be able to audition samples. Conversion and editing of sfz files is unaffected.

This is published as a free editor, and will remain free.

Some help for less obvious stuff is provided in sfZed help Feel free to contact me with comments or problems at Contact. Futher information about the sfz format and sfz format files are available at http://www.drealm.info/sfz/

This site is kindly hosted by Peter Jones of drealm.info

Version 0.9 - location changed

Binary now hosted on github with thanks to DSmolken and redtide.

Version 0.9

Expiry date removed

No expiry date

Version 0.8.14 to 0.8.18

Just expiry date updates.

Beta only - expires 1 October 2010

Version 0.8.13

Fixes a problem with setting choices in the region tools.

Beta only - expires 1 October 2007.

Version 0.8.12

Adds setting of note values via the MIDI keyboard by pressing the Ctrl key

Beta only - expires 1 October 2007.

Help has been updated with more detail on these changes

Version 0.8.11a

(a) version fixes range for fil_veltrack

Beta only - expires 1 April 2007.

Version 0.8.10

Just an expiry date update

Beta only - expires 1 October 2006.

Version 0.8.9

Just an expiry date update

Beta only - expires 1 July 2006.

Version 0.8.8

Link to online help from help pop-up, with a view to improving the online help.

Beta only - expires 1 April 2006.

Version 0.8.7

Now handles soundfonts with duplicated sample names.

Beta only - expires 1 January 2006.

Version 0.8.6

Improved positioning when editing large files. No longer positions back to the top of the file

New special comments available through "Comments page" *

Beta only - expires 1 September 2005.
* Help has been updated with more detail on these changes

Version 0.8.5

New templates to hold reusable region settings *

Templates applied by sample name as samples are loaded *

Saves file with <group> tags *

Resizeable piano keyboard

More keyboard shortcuts *

Will load the sfz file supplied as parameter %1 on startup (supports file association with sfz extension or dropping of files on sfZed icon)

Improved memory of recent directories in file dialogs

Fixed soundfont conversion giving wrong values

Fixed sample spread applying to previously selected regions on sample load

Beta only - expires 1 June 2005.
* Help has been updated with more detail on these changes

Version 0.8.4

New region tools feature for global modifications

Automatic spreading of sample ranges on sample load

Sort order indicators

File saved in sort order

Beta only - expires 1 Apr 2005.

Version 0.8.3

Fix for message box problem

Beta only - expires 1 Jan 2005.

Version 0.8.2

Now will audition edits using sfz.

Includes keyboard with note and velocity selection.

Saves opcodes in a the sequence of the sfz spec.

Beta only - expires 1 Jan 2005.

Version 0.7.0

Now supports Soundfont conversion.

Supports header level comments

Beta only - expires 1 Dec 2004.

Version 0.6.1

Fix maximum cutoff - was 20 - now 20000

Beta only - expires 1 Oct 2004.

Version 0.6.0

Now more stable an hopefully more useable.

New controls for editing parameters

Automatically reloads when source is changed outside the editor.

Help contains published sfz opcode specifications.

Beta only - expires 1 Oct 2004.

Version 0.5

Now edits sfz format files - full sfz format version 1.0 support

Sample reading temporarily disabled (no loop points or sample length information)

Will read but not write key opcodes and <group> tags.

No warnings about not saving modified files.

Soundfont conversion temporarily removed ready for a new approach

Beta only - expires 1 Sept 2004.

Version 0.1

Soundfont conversion only.
Many parameters not converted - so many it's easier to say what is converted.
Key range
Velocity range
Root key / Pitch centre
Loop type
Loop points
Stereo samples are extracted as two files / two regions with pan
Beta only - expires 1 July 2004


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